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Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado Rubik's Charaction Cube Puzzle

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Charaction cube is the next generation puzzle for both casual and hardcore fans! From the anime and manga series,Demon Slayer, comes Tanjiro Kamado as a Rubik's Charaction Cube! Standing at about 3 1/3-inches tall, Tanjiro Kamado has been designed in "chibi" style and is ready for play or display! Rubik's aficionados will appreciate the twist and turn action it takes to solve a Charaction Cube. With seven connected parts, this is the perfect Rubik's puzzle for newbies through advanced cubers. And collectors will rejoice over the hottest pop culture characters that have been transformed into a truly unique collectible puzzle! Whether you're a Rubik's addict or pop culture fanatic, there's a Charaction for every fandom!