New Wave Xpo

New Wave Xpo
                                                                                                 Cottens Collectibles Pokémon Arcade

 We’ve teamed up with New Wave Xpo to bring you some fun side events during your exploration of the convention!

 New Wave Xpo will be on October 22nd at the Corpus Christi American Bank Center.  More information and tickets can be purchased online at


                                      Arcade style play, earn tickets to be used at the Prize Wall!

                                                                $5 entry fee per event



- Pokémon Trading Card Game  All day Saturday
Standard 1v1 battle
Gym Leader Challenge 1v1
Expanded 1v1
Judge Battle, play against a judge 1v1
4-8 player 3 round tournament
Build & Battle 1v1
NEW TRAINERS WELCOME, we will have preconstructed decks for you to battle with for a 1v1 theme deck battle!


- Pokémon VGC (Video Game Console)   Saturday from 12 – 2 PM
1v1 Battles, you must bring your own Nintendo switch and Pokémongames.
Up to 8 player mini tournament, single elimination


- Pokémon GO Battle Arena   Saturday 2 – 4PM
1v1 Battles in the league of players choice!

Up to 8 player mini tournament, single elimination

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